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The legend of Jeanneke-Pis : This fountain was built in honor of loyalty. A very old custom has it that you wish be granted if you throw a coin into the bowl of the fountain.The coins thrown by passers-by into the fountain of Jeanneke-Pis bears witness to tenderness, virtue and admiration of the loved one with the wish to remain faithful to one another . Background : Mr. Denis Adrien Debouvrie had been living in the "Ilot Sacré" for years and he wanted to offer a gift that was worthy of the neighbourhood of which has was very fond. He said to himself: "Why not something with a reference to folklore ? " One day, as he was having breakfast, inspiration came to him: he began sketching on the paper tablecloth. Little by little Jeanneke-Pis, little sister to Manneken-Pis, took form. Mr. Debouvrie's comment was: "Now we've got gender equality". At that point, in 1985, he simply had to find an artist to carefully sculpt the statue . Then came the inauguration on 24 June 1987 in the Impasse de la Fidélité, no. 10 and 12, 1000 Brussels in the presence of many personalities from the City of Brussels, the scientific world and a host of intrigued guests, who had no idea of what they were about to discover. Goal : Jeanneke-Pis is the ASBL «Jeanneke» philanthropic work have a common goal : using a medical reseach against the cancer . So what made you smile or made joyful moments fass do not forget the pain of others who suffer...that’s why we ask your help . We choose as a currency «RES-NO VERB» acts not words . Then we expect your actions and thank all the generous donors .